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DROP IN -scene work 

An intensive drop in session where actors will explore how to make the most out of their time in the casting room for both the Australian and US markets. Led by Cinzia Coassin, actors will have the opportunity to recreate the 'self-tape' scenario for both markets. In the process they will take adjustments and direction as they would in each unique environment and discuss the crucial differences between the two and how to best play to your strengths in each. Gaining insight to what makes a good self taped audition.


Cinzia will lead actors through the rehearsal process for an Australian or US scene before putting it down on tape. She will outline usable, actionable, step-by-step guidelines designed to maximise your impact in the audition scenario. Cinzia will give you feedback, direction and adjustments applicable to the Australian market, and share with you the best ways to use your time in the audition room. 


Please note: Actors are expected to prepare sides/scenes provided prior to the commencement of the workshop.  Alternatively actors can prepare and bring in a current audition piece and put this scene down as an authentic self taped audition if they wish, please be sure to discuss this with prior to the weekend.

Melbourne - 11th May 2024 

New Zealand - TBC

Sydney - May 2024 

The Gold Coast - May 2024 

Please note: No refunds will be available for workshops due to upfront costs, a credit may be offered towards a future workshop.


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