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Audition Master Class


In this weekend Master Class Cinzia will lead actors through techniques, which enables them to perform at their best in the audition scenario. She will address the essential issues surrounding all aspects of the audition from taking adjustments, to working with the reader, scene analysis for auditions (when the whole script isn't available), self taped auditions and cold reads.


Participants will have opportunities to work in front of camera as they explore these techniques. A copy of participants' individual course footage is made available to them after the conclusion of the Master Class.


The weekend program builds progressively across the two days of the Master Class and participants should expect to revisit core aspects and ideas introduced on Day One of the program in Day Two. Please note: scenes will be provided to the participants prior to the commencement of the Master Class which they are expected to learn as they would for an audition.


Syd, Melb, QLD, NZ -  Dates TBC 

Please note: No refunds will be available for workshops due to upfront costs, a credit may be offered towards a future workshop.



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